COVID-19 Transforming the World

Read Time: 6 mins Rapid transformation – Creating the new norm. As we all come to terms with the changes in our day-to-day business and personal lives due to COVID-19 (COVI the acronym of coronavirus, D for the word disease and 19 for the year of the outbreak), the...

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Transformation Technologies to watch

SBTC, Estimated reading time: 2 mins Broadening our horizons in the global economy. Now that the UK has left the European union it becomes more of an imperative that business starts to look for different ways to develop/create new products and services that can use...

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Climate Emergency transforming society

Estimated reading time: 2 mins Climate Change - the largest transformation programme in the world. Climate Emergency Consultation, Transforming Society. Working with a large local authority, Social Business Technologies Consulting (SBTC) were brought onboard to...

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UK SME Operating Environment

Steve Tuitt, March 2019, ETR: 2 mins UK SME - Business Operating Environment. There are a lot of factors affecting the performance of small businesses across the UK. They are having to plan and implement solutions for challenges like Brexit planning. In this post we...

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Business Transformation – Top 22 FAQs

Top 22 Frequently Asked Questions. Below we’ve listed the top 22 questions we are asked about or hear most frequently on the subject of business transformation. SBTC Ltd INCREASE BUSINESS GAIN REDUCE OPERATIONAL STRAIN We hope this helps to address some of your...

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Contingent Labour Transformation

SBTC, ETR: 1.5 mins Transforming Talent Management. Best in class talent management solution. Working with a multinational company employing thousands of employees in multiple countries around the world. SBTC were brought onboard to deliver our expertise in Business...

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How to Transform a Business

SBTC, ETR: 2 mins Business Transformation - An Approach. How would your business create and deliver a business transformation initiative? Whilst there are numerous approaches available on the open market where do you start? To recap, Business Transformation is the...

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Radical Transformation in Healthcare?

SBTC, ETR: 1.5 mins Transformation and Innovation in Healthcare. On reading a piece by Catherine Sturman in the Global Healthcare magazine, it stirred thoughts of the NHS which I have an affinity with as an ex-employee, and the enormous challenges it faces both now...

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What is Digital Business Transformation Strategy?

SBTC, ETR: 2 mins Crafting a Digital Strategy. There are many business owners and leaders out there thinking where do we begin with this “digitization” thing, what does this mean for the business and how can the impact be quickly assessed? A simple way to gain an...

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Out of Adversity Industries Grow

SBTC, ETR: 1 min The Home Grown Bionic Arm.   I like thousands read the remarkable story of Callum and Jamie Miller the father and son who when faced with adversity and a need to transform their lives used tools from the arsenal of digital products available to...

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Challenges of Digitising Business

SBTC, ETR: 2 mins Key Challenges. For a business to be successful today, what can they do to ensure they are on top of or able to stay ahead of the game?  The digital economy is driving significant change for businesses Worldwide government policy is struggling...

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Can Business Transformation Ignite Growth

SBTC, ETR: 1.5 mins Business growth by transformation. State of the industry. Insights in an opinion piece from Alan Leaman Chief Executive of the MCA, highlighted that sector by sector, we see the emergence of new products and services, challenger business models,...

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