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Business Transformation – An Approach.

How would your business create and deliver a business transformation initiative?

Whilst there are numerous approaches available on the open market where do you start?

To recap, Business Transformation is the process of fundamentally changing the systems, processes, people and technology across a whole business or business unit, to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency (health), effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction (longevity).


Every business is unique and business transformation seeks to introduce fundamental changes in how the business operates and copes with shifts in the market environment.


Here we offer an insight into an approach that could be taken by a business using our business transformation framework (see below) to illustrate key elements of an initiative.

SBTC Business Transformation Framework


Transformation starts with a vision of what the future could be. So, the place to start is to reenvision the business as this should provide the enduring theme for transforming.


Ensure the essential resources (subject matter experts for strategy development) are available from the start as they can help to develop the initial stages of delivery.


Additional resources are brought on board as required (knowledge, skills, support during business case creation and beyond).


  • Workstream 1 provides the context and direction for the initiative.

  • Workstream 2 delivers the outputs and benefits sought from the initiative.

  • Workstream 3 ensures the transformation is embedded into the business.


On delivery of the workstreams, the business should be in a position to realise one or more of the outcomes and the opportunities that materialise.

Mr T Says:

Whilst we cannot be prescriptive on the approach highlighted in this blog piece the framework allows for either waterfall and/or agile implementation.


It also allows a variety of methods, techniques and tools to be used throughout the workstreams (see our services pages).


Illustrating the bespoke nature of business transformation, every business is different.


At SBTC we work with businesses who want to change the way they do things.

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