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Climate Change – the largest transformation programme in the world.

Climate Emergency Consultation, Transforming Society.

Working with a large local authority, Social Business Technologies Consulting (SBTC) were brought onboard to deliver project management expertise. This was a strategically important consultation and a key initiative for deputy city mayor, Councillor Adam Clarke, the aim being to develop a vision of how Leicester will need to change to become carbon neutral.

Leicester: Climate Emergency consultation - Young Peoples Assembly
Young Peoples Climate Assembly event

Climate Emergency Consultation Project.

The customers objectives for the project included working with partners, undertaking planning exercises to develop a schedule of tasks necessary to develop, document and deliver the consultation process. The scope of works included full implementation of an end to end consultation process, identification of key stakeholders and monitoring and measuring impact based on stakeholder feedback.

Key product deliverables.

We were able to help the customer deliver an online consultation (launch of online questionnaire), a conversation pack for community discussions and an online moderated discussion platform. Stakeholder engagement was key to relationship building, contacting leaders and significant stakeholders from across the city for two key events the “Climate Emergency” launch and “Leicester’s Climate Assembly” consultation. We also took the message to local communities via evening based ward meetings.

Significant milestones.

We helped deliver a launch event for the Climate Emergency consultation period attended by 150 people. Working to tight deadlines the next significant event for the customer was the organisation and facilitation of the first Climate Assembly event for the authority, a one-day event designed to use the “Deliberative Democracy” approach to consult with a cross-section of the city’s population. Crucial to the identification of a representative sample of residents was the creation of a “profile” of Leicester against which residents (potential delegates) were aligned and offered the opportunity to enter the application process. Managing the logistics for the event included recruiting delegates by Christmas 2019, engaging external consultants and managing activities on the day from registration through to closure. As this was an incentivized event voucher claims were processed after event closure.

Working with subject matter experts a Young People’s Climate Assembly was planned, a half-day discussion event for the city’s secondary schools and on the day we supported industry experts to run breakout workshops.

Customer satisfaction.

The deputy mayor and service managers commended the success of the events and a high level of satisfaction of Leicester’s Climate Assembly event was identified from the delegate evaluation results. The process was delivered successfully to tight timescales.

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