Tools and techniques

What we do:

Analyse the company’s operations or specific business processes or to see where and how the business needs to change.

How do we do this?

We ask questions to determine the goal of the process(es) within the business. Why was the process (or processes) originally developed, and what are the desired results of the process? Look for ways to achieve the same desired result with fewer steps by simplifying them to be faster or cheaper to perform; find ways to combine multiple steps to improve the overall efficiency. For example, can multiple steps be performed at the same time

Our Approach:

Investigate the situation

Consider the perspectives of stakeholders

Analyse the needs

Evaluate the options

Define the business requirements

We can help devise the blueprint and requirements outlining changes to the business and the impact on business as usual.

BA – Business Analysis: 

BA1: Investigate the situation 


BA2: Consider the perspectives of stakeholders 

BA3: Analyse the needs

BA4: Evaluate the options 

BA5: Define the requirements

SBT Consulting - Business Analysis, Business Strategy, Business Transformation Specialists and Management Consultants in the Midlands.


Desk research, Interviews, Meetings, Observation 5 Ws & H, Rich Picture or prototyping, Objectives Matrix, Ansoff’s model, Rich pictures, mind maps, Ishikawa diagram, Systems map, Affinity diagrams, Questionnaires, Sampling, Qualitative and Quantitative data. Relational diagrams, Tree diagrams, Matrix diagrams, Matrix diagram analysis, Programme decision charts, Arrow diagrams  Root Cause Analysis and CATWOE, Business Needs Log.  


Building rapport, stakeholder mapping (Power/Interest, Influence/Impact)   Prototyping – examples of process change RACI charts, Managing external suppliers, Communications plans  


Organisational chart, Business activity & Consensus models  Value chain, Value proposition Business process models (SIPOC, Flowcharts, Business process maps, BPMN2/UML, Process measurement (SMART KPIs, CSFs), Six Sigma (SPC, PDCA cycle) Customer Journeys/Experience development and Mapping  


Creative Problem Solving Workshops, Gap analysis, POPIT model, Formulating options Business case, Balanced scorecard, Investment Appraisal   


OSCAR, Lifecycles (Waterfall, V model, Agile/Scrum, Iterative, Big bang, Incremental)  Use cases, User stories, activity & sequence diagrams Data models (ERD / ERM, DFD), Walkthroughs Requirements catalogue (functional requirements matrix) Moscow Requirements development plan, Specification development (BRS, SRS, FRS) Benefits realisation plan

I just wanted to add my thanks to those given to you today for an excellent piece of organisation and logistic planning. The Away day went smoothly and the table groups remained focused and engaged. You managed the event calmly and we covered a lot of ground. Thank you and best wishes.


LBN Deputy Director Education & Skills , CYPS – Strategic Commissioning

Well done all – it was an excellent event, well run – great discussion sessions (pitched right) Many thanks – your hard work and commitment is much appreciated


Interim Head of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Learning, Skills and Progression

Thought  the whole event was well run, and gave parents and young people the space and time to discuss their thoughts, grievances and ideas. The facilitators enabled this to happen by enabling comfortable discussions to take place.



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