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The Home Grown Bionic Arm.


I like thousands read the remarkable story of Callum and Jamie Miller the father and son who when faced with adversity and a need to transform their lives used tools from the arsenal of digital products available to create a bionic arm

Read the story here (click the picture below).


This story is new and exciting because he did it at home.

Why new, because 3D printing is becoming affordable for members of the public and now needs viable ideas to kick start a mini manufacturing revolution. That’s right Jobs.

Callum has since gone on to help other children 3D printing prosthetic limbs for them. Is this a new industry coming of age?

3D Printing Industry

The UK government are providing “support” for these and other hi-tech industries.

Driven by stories such as this the government agencies have been working with small businesses to develop viable business ventures using this technology.


Bionic arm startup secures £4.6 million to go global.

Open Bionics developed its Hero Arm Using 3D printing, creating a low-cost bionic arm that is lightweight, adjustable and offers multi-grip capabilities.


Development of the Hero Arm was supported by a contract with NHS England that used SBRI Healthcare – part of the Innovate UK Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), which helps innovative businesses work with big public sector organisations to implement new technologies.

Mr T Says:

Is this the future of bespoke designed products: Design, Download, Print – At home !

Who needs Dyson (who is moving operations to China) when you can print your own !


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