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Broadening our horizons in the global economy.

Now that the UK has left the European union it becomes more of an imperative that business starts to look for different ways to develop/create new products and services that can use the plethora of technologies that are becoming available. Yes, become more innovative.

In my home town an annual event named the Leicester Innovation Week takes place in February which offers an exciting opportunity for businesses, universities and support organisations to work together and showcase the Leicester and Leicestershire area as a hub for innovation.

Technology trajectories transforming business.

  • To help businesses to innovate, which technologies are going to help them transform the way they operate in 2020?
  • As the UK begins to access more worldwide markets, what technologies are going to provide real value?

A government initiative, The Technology Innovation Marketplace called Spark was established to enable the government and the public sector to access new and emerging technology products that have already been developed. The Technology Innovation Marketplace is seeking suppliers who have the capabilities, skills and expertise in the areas highlighted in the table below (extract from the Technology Innovation Marketplace contracts finder spreadsheet). We believe this illustrates where the government thinks the UK needs to build up its expertise and will provide some support for businesses who are using these technologies to find new ways of developing their products or service offerings and in the process become more able to compete in the ever-changing, fast-moving global economy.

Table: Technology Trajectories.

Technology Trajectories - Which technologies are making a difference in Business

Mr T says:

Consider innovation grants and how your business can use utilise them to introduce new ways of working into your business. This blog piece from the LLEP business gateway gives an overview of whether your business could claim R&D tax relief – R&D Tax Relief?

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