Tools and techniques

What we do:

Realign (analyse and design) technologies into a configuration that will support proposed changes to the company.

How do we do this?

Analyse operational and information/digital systems, develop requirements, rebuild/modify systems.

Our approach:

Project definition

User requirements

System requirements

Analysis and design

System build and test

Implementation and training

Operations and maintenance

We have helped customers analyse operational and information/digital systems, develop requirements and rebuild/modify systems to support changes in the business.

BSD – Business Systems Design (SDLC & ITIL): 

BSD1: Project definition (Investigation)


BSD2: User requirements 

BSD3: System Requirements

BSD4: Analysis and design

BSD5: System build and test (programming)

BSD6: Implementation and training

BSD7: Operations and maintenance

BSD8: ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) / ITSM (Information Technology Service Management)

Business Systems Design in the Midlands and around the UK


Concept Proposal / Business Case / Project Brief  Project Scope Statement   BSD2:  Project Management Plan  Risk Management Plan  Change Management Plan  Communication Management Plan  Stakeholder Management Plan   Staffing Management Plan  BSD3:  Functional Requirements Document  Test Master Plan  BSD4:  System Design Document   Conversion Plan  Implementation Plan  Operations Manual, System Administration Manual, Maintenance Manual  Training Plan (unit, integration, system, user)  User Manual development  BSD5:  Software Development Document  Integration Document  Test Analysis Report, Test Analysis Approval Determination  Test Problem Report   BSD6:  Version Description Document  Post-Implementation Review Report  BSD7:  Disposition/Close Plan, Business as Usual report  BSD8: ITIL/ITSM.  Service Strategy, Design, Transition, Operation, Improvement 

I would like to thank all the staff for their hard work in ensuring a smooth transition and also the Project team who have worked behind the scenes to deal with important issues such as file storage, scanning of files, IT systems etc. A good joint effort! We still have much to do to develop the service and ensure we are inspection ready but we are making progress.

Heather Loveridge

Assistant Service Director, Solihull MBC

The free technologies identified have proved to be fit for purpose and sufficiently robust to support the roll out of the on-line referral process to other providers. Further roll-out had been deferred pending the outcome of a local review of VCS Support Services.

Carol Varley


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