Tools and techniques

What we do:

Create a holistic approach to managing strategic initiatives consisting of multiple interdependent projects (a portfolio) to deliver new capabilities and the realisation of benefits into the business.


How do we do this?

To manage the potential disruption to the business (as these types of business initiative are in response to an economic driver and are generally long-term) the strategic vision is assessed for congruence with the future direction of the business, then we define the strategies and structures for managing the transformation programme and plan and execute the delivery of capabilities and benefits.

Our Approach:

Identify programme

Define programme

Manage tranches

Deliver capability

Realise benefits

Close programme


MSP – Programme Management: 

MSP1: Identify programme 


MSP2: Define programme

MSP3: Manage tranches 

MSP4: Deliver capability

MSP5: Realise benefits

MSP6: Close programme

SBT Consulting - Business Strategy, Business Transformation Specialists, Programme Management and Management Consultants in the Midlands.


Programme Mandate

Risk and Issue Registers

Vision, Business Case, Benefits Map

Programme Preparation Plan



Programme Office setup, Configuration Management (including change control), Information Management Strategy, Software

Stakeholder Profiles, Stakeholder Analysis, BluePrint (POTI), Benefit Profiles (DOAM), Benefits Distribution Matrix, Benefits Map, Benefits Management Plan, Project Dossier

Programme Organisation (Programme and Project Boards), Strategies (control framework – Stakeholders, Monitoring and Control, Resources, Benefits, Risk and Issues, Information, Quality and Assurance), Plans (Resource, Benefits Realisation, Communications, Information, Quality and Assurance)

Formalised Risk and Issue Registers

Programme Definition Document



Manage Delivery Teams, Workshops, Reporting and Exceptions, Manage Stakeholders, Stage Transition Planning.

Implement Quality and Assurance, Resource Strategy and Plans.

Update BluePrint, Business Case, Governance, Benefit Profiles and Benefits Management Plan, Projects Dossier, Risk and Issues Registers.



Dependancy Network Model, Project Dossier (commissioning projects), Monitoring and Control Strategy, Communications Plan and Stakeholder Profiles

Project Brief Development, Reporting, Manage BluePrint, Tranches, Manage Benefit Profiles and Plan

Updating Programme Plan, Risk and Issue Registers, Lessons Learned, Quality and Assurance Plan  



Benefit and Stakeholder Profiles, Benefits Realisation Plan, Transition Plan, Communications Plan, Interfacing with organisational departments (matrix management), Projects Dossier

Impact Assessments (benefits profiles and plan, blueprint, programme plan), Benefits Management Strategy



Resource Management Strategy, BluePrint, Business Case and Transitions complete, Risk and Issues resolved, Work Off Planning, Communications and Stakeholder Profiles, Quality and Assurance Plans

Configuration Management (documentation database closure), Lessons Learned and Benefits Reviews

BAU Transition (Resource release, Contracts managed)


On behalf of the board, I wish to thank you and your team for the well-arranged and excellently delivered Away Day of last Saturday.

Please extend this special Thank you Note to Steve and Tasha for doing a very good job.


Tony Rotimi

LEA Project manager, LACBA

All process maps look great – what a good piece of work.




Team Administrator, People Group, Social Care & Support, Learning Disability Team, Warwickshire County Council

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