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Business growth by transformation.

State of the industry.

Insights in an opinion piece from Alan Leaman Chief Executive of the MCA, highlighted that sector by sector, we see the emergence of new products and services, challenger business models, innovative reform of distribution and supply chains, the extraordinary power of digital technology. New generations of consumers and employees bring vastly different expectations. Look at what’s happening in banking, music, retail, healthcare, higher education and so much more.

BREXIT - Where next for business?

Best in class.

The best organisations are using transformation programmes to test even more fundamental issues about their business. How do we relate to our customers? Are we enabling our people to make the most of technology? Are we in the right markets? Should we partner, diversify or look for a merger? What sort of organisation do we want to be in five years’ time?

Getting business fit for the future.

Dr. Gary P. Hamel in his seminal paper highlights that Transformation must be driven by a point of view about the future of the industry. How do we want this industry to be shaped in five or ten years? What skills and capabilities must we begin building now if we are to occupy the industry high ground in the future? How should we organize for opportunities that may not fit neatly within the boundaries of current business units and divisions?

Based on the thinking of these two titans of the business and management world, what strategies should business adopt to ignite growth?

Food for thought.

China says it has successfully made the first landing of a robotic spacecraft on the far side of the Moon.

The space travel industry takes off in 2019 with VIRGIN GALACTIC scheduling commercial passenger flights.

Is space the new business battleground?

Mr T Says:

2019 is the year to get involved and promote the benefits that free trade brings.


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