Stay of execution for Marks & Spencer?

Headlines. BBC news reported that by the middle of next week 30th May 2018, Marks and Spencer will discover whether it will remain in the FTSE 100 or whether it has lost its place as a British blue-chip stock. The retailer has been a member of the FTSE 100 since the...

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Automation driving ambitions

Automation transforming operational ambitions.  According to Deloitte the retailing industry is seeing significant disruption and is transforming in response. Retailers need to reduce costs and increase efficiency in a challenging market where consumer spending is...

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GDPR Opportunities

GDPR Opportunities. Get the most from the disruption of GDPR and maximise your ROI. Business transformation initiatives involve making fundamental changes in how the business is conducted, in order to help it to cope with shifts in the market environment. GDPR...

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Why SMEs need to change

by Steve Tuitt Why Change ? Disruptions in technology, changes in market conditions, more flexible and agile product/service delivery models, and world’s economic trends are forcing businesses to either reinvent themselves to succeed or fade away.   Major...

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ACCF Strategic Review

ACCF: Strategic Review to Explore and Recommend the Future Direction of the Organisation Business Need The African Caribbean Citizens Forum (ACCF) were part way through their operating year and wished to undertake a review and revision of their corporate...

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Solihull MBC: Emergency Duty Team, Service Review

by Steve Tuitt Business Need Service review for efficiency savings. The aim of the project was to conduct an in-depth review of the service and its operations. Project Objectives. Identify service efficiencies (Value for Money) Identify customer outcomes...

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Warwickshire CC: L&OD commissioning and business process

by Steve Tuitt Business Need Warwickshire County Council (WCC) have embarked on a programme of organisational change. A key outcome from the corporate workforce and organisational development strategy has been the implementation of a corporate approach (by...

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Warwickshire CC: Financial Systems Review

by Steve Tuitt Business Need Review of the financial pathway underpinning the adult customer journey. The focus of the Financial Systems Review project was to gain a better understanding of the increasing number of issues and business inefficiencies...

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Solihull MBC – Cashless catering in schools.

by Steve Tuitt Business Need For many years a manual system in paper format has been used to record and monitor the dinner money income for primary and special schools, 2 forms are used and returned from each school on a monthly basis, and depending on the...

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Skills Crisis in the UK Digital Economy

by Steve Tuitt The UK has the opportunity to develop the infrastructure and solutions to keep it at the forefront of the worldwide drive towards the digital economy. To achieve this the skills gap needs to be addressed. Key Areas and...

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Scanning the Business Environment

by Steve Tuitt Staying Competitive Businesses do not exist in a vacuum but exist in an environment that provides resources (i.e. people, customers, products, services, national economy). The business environment is changing all the time and there are...

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MSDUK Supplier Diversity Day @ The King Power Stadium

by Steve Tuitt The Conference. The premier business conference for Ethnic Minority businesses was held at the home of Leicester City FC, The King Power stadium, where we mingled with Senior Managers and Directors/CEOs from major corporate organisations...

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