GDPR Opportunities.

Get the most from the disruption of GDPR and maximise your ROI.

GDPR Opportunities

Business transformation initiatives involve making fundamental changes in how the business is conducted, in order to help it to cope with shifts in the market environment.

GDPR alignment will encourage businesses of all forms to review the way information is managed (in its totality) and will disrupt business operations and in some cases strategy.

How can this disruption be used to transform the business?

Finding the Opportunities.

Identifying data sources and information flows (where information comes from and goes to).

Data Cleansing data sources (clean and legal marketing lists).

Bring together internal people based data sources into a central repository (reuse common information).

Streamline business processes (more structured, sharable access to information).

Streamline information flows (less paper more digital using cloud technology).

Develop new capabilities producing more consolidated picture of prospects and customers, better targeting (move from spreadsheets lists to CRM system integrated with internal information and data sources).

Revisit and optimise your supply chain.

Mr T Says:

Use this disruptive period to create those new capabilities to:

Reduce costs, Improve customer satisfaction, Improve profits or enter new markets


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Link to Government GDPR advice:

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