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What areas should we be watching?

Business trends ebb and flow, changing marketplaces.

2018 saw a number of new and not so new ideas come to the fore.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 4 day working, mobile working,  changes to working patterns and the like.

Below we highlight areas we think will be influential this year.


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4 day working

  • A four-day working week will be possible if businesses share the benefits of new technology with their workforce.

Well-being initiatives for tacking mental, social and physical health

Talent management becoming more critical

  • Businesses are getting used to the GIG economy and are nurturing an ever-growing network of high-quality talent. They are moving toward employing talent that jives with their culture and values. Tools that help a business track their talent network will be important.


Physical and Cyber Security

  • Biometrics, also known as realistic authentication, is increasingly being used as a form of identification and access control.

Increase in mobile/remote working

  • A further step away from the now not-so-trendy open plan office and a move towards more flexible, remote working. More businesses will adopt the ‘coffice’: meeting in coffee shops or other public spaces to work together.

Environmentally sound, sustainable businesses

  • Adopting more sustainable practices can save businesses money ($12 trn a year globally by 2030) and help to attract the best talent as young people increasingly look for jobs with companies that reflect their own ideologies.

Systems / Technology.

Increased use of cryptocurrencies

  • The key value proposition around blockchain is reducing business and technology friction. “Current blockchain technologies and concepts are poorly understood but leaders should be evaluating these new approaches.


  • Another trend is the “platform-itisation” of emerging technologies. Blockchain-as-a-service, VR-as-a-service, augmented-reality-as-a-service, IOT-as-a-service and AI & ML-as-a-service. The important trend here is the evolution of cloud-provided services.


  • 5G Wireless, 5thgeneration wireless systems are improved wireless network technologies which started being deployed in 2018.

Mr T Says:

Get on these ideas and see whether they can help to improve the competitive advantage of the business.


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