by Steve Tuitt

Business Need

Service review for efficiency savings.

The aim of the project was to conduct an in-depth review of the service and its operations.

Project Objectives.

  • Identify service efficiencies (Value for Money)
  • Identify customer outcomes (Service Operations)
  • Highlight any process risks identified in the review

Benefits Sought.

Project output should contribute to the overall departmental service review

Proposed Outcome.

The key outcomes of the review will include

  • Clearer understanding of current service operations (including capacity)
  • A report with recommendations identifying any areas for improvement



Changing the Service.

Undertook a full service review which included running process development workshops and focus groups culminating in a draft report of recommendations on service improvements. The following diagram provides a snapshot of the plan of action for the review.


  • Created project documentation
  • Initiated and managed the project
  • Design and facilitation of stakeholder workshops
  • Data analysis and development of an improvement report

Results and Outcomes

The Outcome.

  • Engagement and contribution from the EDT to the outcomes of the review including the wider stakeholder group.
  • Report of findings where improvements could be made.



  • The core processes were mapped and efficiencies identified – where any duplication and/or process waste removed.
  • Understanding of what is necessary for a fit for purpose service.


  1. Programme/Project Manager
  2. Commissioning Manager
  3. Business Analyst
  4. EDT Manager
  5. MH Team Manager
  6. YOS Team Manager
  7. Adults Services Team Manager

8.     Social Work (Team Manager/EDT Management Cover)

9.     Transport, Highways & the Environment (Principle Engineer)

10.   EDT Team

11.   Performance Team

12.   CareFirst Team

  • Skills employed: Project Management, Organisational Design, Business Analysis
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