Seize the Opportunity – Niche Business

SBTC, ETR: 2 mins The Niche Business Targeting a product or service at a niche market segment has several advantages for a business (particularly a small business)   Less competition – the firm is a "big fish in a small pond" Clear focus - target particular...

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BREXIT – Where Next ?

SBTC, ETR: 2 mins   Brexit blows a £22bn hole in business investment underlining need for a trade deal Businesses have invested £22bn less in the last two and a half years because of the uncertainty caused by Brexit, ­according to new analysis of official data....

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Solihull MBC – SEND Reforms Agenda.

Business Need The Children & Families Act contains a much heralded programme of fundamental change to the way that children and young people (CYP) with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are assessed and service provision is planned for into the...

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Why Transform Business

SBTC, ETR: 3 mins Number of British businesses going bust hits four-year high. A piece in the daily telegraph highlighted that the number of British businesses collapsing into bankruptcy hit a four-year high last year as one in every 213 companies fell into...

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How should Facebook Transform?

SBTC, ETR: 3 mins   Facebook's $100 billion-plus rout is the biggest loss in stock market history. Of course, Facebook remains one of the most profitable companies in the world, posting more than $10 billion (bn) in profit for the first half of this year alone...

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What are Business Transformation Projects?

SBTC, ETR: 3 mins There are many and varied reasons why businesses embark on projects to transform the way they operate.   Before we review where these projects emanate from it helps to have an understanding of the core concepts of business transformation which...

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Stay of execution for Marks & Spencer?

Headlines. BBC news reported that by the middle of next week 30th May 2018, Marks and Spencer will discover whether it will remain in the FTSE 100 or whether it has lost its place as a British blue-chip stock. The retailer has been a member of the FTSE 100 since the...

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Automation driving ambitions

Automation transforming operational ambitions.  According to Deloitte the retailing industry is seeing significant disruption and is transforming in response. Retailers need to reduce costs and increase efficiency in a challenging market where consumer spending is...

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GDPR Opportunities

GDPR Opportunities. Get the most from the disruption of GDPR and maximise your ROI. Business transformation initiatives involve making fundamental changes in how the business is conducted, in order to help it to cope with shifts in the market environment. GDPR...

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Why SMEs need to change

by Steve Tuitt Why Change ? Disruptions in technology, changes in market conditions, more flexible and agile product/service delivery models, and world’s economic trends are forcing businesses to either reinvent themselves to succeed or fade away.  ...

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ACCF Strategic Review

ACCF: Strategic Review to Explore and Recommend the Future Direction of the Organisation Business Need The African Caribbean Citizens Forum (ACCF) were part way through their operating year and wished to undertake a review and revision of their corporate...

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Solihull MBC: Emergency Duty Team, Service Review

by Steve Tuitt Business Need Service review for efficiency savings. The aim of the project was to conduct an in-depth review of the service and its operations. Project Objectives. Identify service efficiencies (Value for Money) Identify customer outcomes...

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