Strategic Review to Explore and Recommend the Future Direction of the Organisation


Business Need

The African Caribbean Citizens Forum (ACCF) were part way through their operating year and wished to undertake a review and revision of their corporate and organisational plans to ensure they were consistent with the future direction of the organisation.

The aim of the project was to conduct an in-depth goals/target based strategic planning process to:

Create a coherent agreement (strategic plan) that aligns operating policies, practices and activities, action plans alongside contractual obligations to meet ACCF’s current and future aims, objectives and outcomes”

Key Objectives

  • To improve the robustness of the annual planning process and timetable
  • Production of targeted “SMART” action plans including identification of responsibilities for delivery
  • Review the existing business plan and investigate whether it is still fit for purpose and if it is in need of replacement rather than being revised or updated
  • Plans of action to ensure ACCF commitments can be satisfied within agreed timescales

  • Address an immediate requirement (end of September) to ensure ACCF adhere to core funding criteria

  • Enable the capture and reporting of information to ensure ACCF continue to monitor performance

  • To improve the robustness of the annual planning process and timetable

Changing the Process

The strategic planning methodology employed developed by Cass Business School’s Centre for Charity Effectiveness. In developing the Strategic Plan for the organisation we held various organisational development workshops with the management team and involved creating a new vision, mission alongside the final strategy document. The following plan highlights the stages involved.


Key outcomes from the work were:

  • A Strategic Plan was developed and adopted by the Management Committee.

  • We developed a Workstream Tracking spreadsheet for monitoring progress of the plan.

  • We also redesigned and developed their in-house database for improved community intelligence gathering

  • Delivered on time to budget and quality

Key opportunities were:

  • To communicate ACCF’s future direction to its members and the community
  • Satisfy funders organisation has a clear picture of how it aims to support its members and the wider community
  • Increased commissioners’ confidence in their ability to deliver the strategic plan
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