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Working with a multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturing company employing thousands of employees in multiple countries around the world,

SBTC were brought onboard to deliver our expertise in Business Process Management (BPM).

3D Printing Industry

The goal was to further transform a contingent labour engagement programme named WORKSENSE, a One-Stop shop for all their worker needs.


A key outcome from the WORKSENSE “Process Efficiency” workstream was the optimisation of core processes across the programme.

Identifying, mapping and documenting the programme’s processes to enable the identification of potential efficiencies and improvements including the variances country-to-country and supplier-to-supplier across the piece.



Improving process efficiency and Reducing organisational risk.

Many of the countries where JnJ operates had disparate processes in place for engaging labour.

The inherent business risk was ensuring all employees (permanent or contingent) had received training in the areas of compliance with regard to employment policies, regulations and working practices.


Achieving this involved identifying steps in the end to end process where efficient ways of working could be introduced from requisitioning and onboarding through to renewal/offboarding of contingent labour.



Transforming contingent labour engagement.

PMO consultancy Red Wizard Consulting and strategic partner KellyOCG contracted Social Business Technologies Consulting to review and document the business processes alongside delivering a solution that addressed the business need of making the CORE processes more efficient.

Outcomes from the process efficiency workstream included:

  • Discovering the current state (As-Is) processes that currently exist.

  • Working with directors, managers, senior staff and partner organisations to develop prioritized CORE processes, producing a standardized end-to-end process for the UK and Ireland.

  • The proposal of short and medium-term recommendations for optimizing the end to end processes.

  • Validated with partners that the standardized processes for contingent labour engagement could operate across Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA).

  • The streamlined future state (To-Be) onboarding process is being piloted across the UK and Ireland with a view to full rollout across the EMEA.

  • BPM activities commended as a great initiative and milestone for the company the by Programme Manager for the Worksense Programme.

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