Skills Crisis in the UK Digital Economy

The UK has the opportunity to develop the infrastructure and solutions to keep it at the forefront of the worldwide drive towards the digital economy. To achieve this the skills gap needs to be addressed.

Key Areas and the Skills Gaps:

Data Analytics
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Digital Exclusion
Education and Training across all age ranges
Cyber Security
Data Security
Gender Imbalance
Women in Technology
ICT and Digital Business Technologies


Emerging Technologies 2017 – 2020:

Business Technologies Market Value ($)
Internet of Things (asset communication) 7.3 tn
Wearables (embedded technology) 70 bn
Big Data (Analytics and intelligence) 32.4 bn
Wireless 5G (increased communications functionality)
Robotics (in all areas of business) 29 bn
Automated vehicles 28 bn
Advanced Manufacturing 49.5 bn


Development Opportunities for Business (Going Digital):

  • Find new ways to enhance the customer journey.
Identify new ways to use the emerging technologies and planning for changes that may disrupt existing ways of doing things.
Gain (365*24*7, low cost, reputable) access to development opportunities that address the skills gaps within your business.

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