Reducing Costs But Gaining Growth

Reducing costs and maintaining the competitiveness of the business is a major challenge and may require changes to the business model. To stay ahead of the curve we offer below some points to areas where you can start looking for efficiencies.

  • Increase use of back office systems that ease administration – Reduce paper.
  • Using technology to reduce business costs i.e. green power saving technologies.
  • Be open minded when looking at innovative business models that can/are being used across industries and sectors.
  • The open source software market for PC and Cloud based solutions is maturing and there are a lot of good solutions available.
  • Looking for business support, advice and mentoring that is available by contacting local enterprise partnerships (LEPs).
  • There are efforts being made by the UK government to encourage more SMEs to apply for government contracts. These government initiatives may include not only advice but also training.
  • Looking for technology based sources of raising and managing finance like crowd funding.


Delivering Solutions to business objectives:

We have developed solutions for customers to help reduce their operating costs. The development of business cases, implementation plans and undertaking service reviews were delivered on time, to budget and quality. Read our case studies illustrating how we can help.

  • Introducing Cashless Catering in schools to reduce costs.
  • Social Services, Emergency Duty Team service review to achieve value for money.

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We are Social Business Technologies Consulting specialists in delivering Business Transformation services. Use SBT Consulting to develop and manage your transformation projects and we will design you a bespoke solution. We recently worked with a Local Government customer on a Special Educational Needs (SEN) reforms project providing business analysis and project management expertise. SBT Consulting can provide you with Certified Management Consultants that can help your business in the current disruptive business environment answering questions like: Why the business needs a consultant to do what you can be done in-house, help develop plans to manage and introduce changes to their business and competitive consultancy fees that are value for money ! We can help your business to Improve the bottom line (profits), Avoid the pain of change, Implement change successfully, Contribute to the social responsibility agenda, Create value that is hard to replicate by competitors, Ensure your money is being well spent and Generating more repeat or new customers.